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Climate Controlled Storage

Severe heat and cold can damage items in storage units. As San Antonio can experience extreme swings in weather conditions, climate-controlled storage units provide the ideal solution for storing your personal or business-related items. An added benefit is the peace of mind of knowing that whenever you need to access or reorganize your items, you will be able to work in a comfortable environment rather than outside, exposed to the elements.

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage units are typically found inside a building, and are accessed via exterior doors and interior hallways. The building maintains a steady temperature generally between 55-80 degrees using central air conditioning and heat that flows throughout the building similar to how a home utilizes air conditioning and heat (as opposed to each individual storage unit having its own air conditioning and heating). Maintaining a controlled environment through air conditioning and heating minimizes the risk of mold, mildew, and bacteria growing on upholstered furniture, clothing, paperwork, and other valuable items. It also minimizes warping of wood furniture, and the rusting of metal products.

What is typically stored in Climate Controlled Storage?

If you have one or more of the following items, you should seriously consider taking advantage of one of our climate controlled spaces:

Household Items

  • Leather or wood furniture
  • Clothing
  • Antiques
  • Photographs
  • Books
  • Valuable/important documents
  • Electronics (TV’s, computers, etc.)
  • Fine art
  • Musical instruments
  • Any items of sentimental value
  • Seasonal decorations

Commercial Items

  • Important files and documentation
  • Computer equipment
  • Business inventory
  • Seasonal inventory
  • Pharmaceutical samples & supplies
  • Tools & supplies
  • Office furniture

For more information on our storage units, visit our Units Available page.